Focus 4 Health Learning Series

This Series is intended to jump start or augment your current quality improvement efforts. Participants will connect across the Dakotas for a diverse and collaborative learning experience designed to improve patient outcomes. Now on Wednesdays

September Series

During September, we will revisit the important topics of 1) Tactics to Reduce ADE’s with Prescribing & Transcribing of Medications, 2) Dispensing and Administration and 3) How Care Coordination Can Help in Preventing ADE’s. Please note: This Series is a repeated session from our January 2023 Series.

Strategies to Prevent Adverse Drug Events (ADEs) I 12:15 – 12:45 pm CT

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August 2023 | Looking at Immunizations Through a Different Lens

August 2023 Series Comprehensive 

  • Week One: Angle on Equity | Recording
    Week Two: Snapshot of Data and Immunization Information Systems | Recording
  • Week Three: Zoom in on Vaccine Hesitancy | Recording
  • Week Four: Framing Your Delivery of Vaccinations | Recordiing
July 2023 | Multi-Visit Patient (MVPs) - Reducing Preventable ED Visits
July Series Comprehensive Resource List

  • Week One: Multi-Visit Patient (MVP) Method & Implicit Bias Connection I Recording
  • Week Two: Utilizing Community Health Workers (CHW) to reduce MVPs | Recording
  • Week Three: Reducing Avoidable ED Visits by Working Together in the Community | Recording
  • Week Four: Coordinating Care, Communication, and Trust is a Must to Help MVPs | Recording
June 2023 | Chronic Kidney Disease… Prevent, Manage, and Protect Kidney Health
June Series Comprehensive Resource List

  • Week One: Chronic Kidney DiseaseAn Unrecognized Public Health Issue | Recording
  • Week Two: A Provider’s Role With Chronic Kidney Disease | Recording
  • Week Three: Management of CKD to Prevent ESRD I Recording
  • Week Four: Chronic Kidney Disease Case Study | Recording
May 2023 | Up Your Protection From Infections
May Series Comprehensive Resource List

April 2023 | Life's Essential 8
April Series Comprehensive Resource List

  • Week One: Life’s Essential 8™ Overview | Recording
  • Week Two: Life’s Essential 8™ Resources and Tools | Recording
  • Week Three: Life’s Essential 8™ – Quality Improvement Application | Recording
  • Week Four: Life’s Essential 8™ – Quality Improvement Tips | Recording
March 2023 | Strategies for Opioid Misuse & Clostridium Difficile Infections (CDI)
March Series Comprehensive Resource List

Strategies for Opioid Misuse

Clostridioides difficile Infection (CDI) 

February 2023 | Reducing Avoidable Emergency Department Visits and Blood Pressure Control
February 2023 Resource Guide | Reducing Avoidable Hospital ED Visits and Blood Pressure Control

Reducing Avoidable Emergency Department Visits

Blood Pressure Control

January 2023 | Opioids and Adverse Drug Events

January 2023 Resource List | Opioids and Adverse Drug Events


Adverse Drug Events

Series Launch Resources - December 6, 2022
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