Patient and Family Engagement

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We aspire to make healthcare in our region the best in the nation. To do so, we need your help! We want to assist you in becoming more confident about making healthcare decisions and participating more fully in your care. We are hosting the Great Plains Learning and Action Network as a way to share information, learn from one another and offer education and resources. Visit our Calendar of Events for opportunities to learn and grow.

We are also working with communities and healthcare providers to ensure care is equitable. Providing equitable care means considering a person’s circumstances, culture, and beliefs so services can be delivered to allow people to achieve optimal health. If all aspects of a person’s life are not considered amidst their overall health, they may experience health disparities resulting in worse outcomes and thus a poorer quality of life. Visit our Health Equity page to learn more.

Looking for health care information and quality resources? Our Q-Tips For Your Ears podcast is designed for everyone; the intent is to share basic information on topics that matter. Check out our newest episodes on antibiotic use, self-measured blood pressure monitoring, opioids, adverse drug events and chronic kidney disease. Share this podcast with others and be sure to check back often for new episodes.

Q-Tips For Your Ears is designed for everyone; healthcare professionals, patients and family members; sharing basic healthcare information on topics that matter. Check out our Podcast.

Great Plains Quality Care Coalition

Our Vision: Through collaboration and partnership, we aspire to make healthcare in the Dakotas the best in the nation. We have partnered with committed nursing homes, community leaders and healthcare organizations to improve the care in our communities. Better together.