Improving Health Quality, Efficiency and Value

Take action on your commitment to partner

Healthcare Providers: Partners in Quality Improvement

At Great Plains QIN, we are committed to quality improvement and quality in healthcare. We will continue to partner with healthcare professionals to bring evidence-based best practices to the bedside, with the flexibility to respond to local needs.

We will engage providers at all levels of performance in rapid cycle projects for collaborative learning and action that accelerate healthcare quality improvement through resource sharing, technical assistance, education, mentoring and collaboration.

When a need is identified for a Quality Improvement Initiative based on a confirmed quality of care concern.  We will assist in developing measurable interventions and employing proven methods in collaboration with provider(s)/practitioner(s)/physician(s) practices to improve healthcare quality and lower costs for the Medicare Program.

We invite and encourage all healthcare providers within the Great Plains QIN to partner with us in our efforts to make healthcare the best in the region. Join the Learning and Action Network today to get connected and demonstrate your commitment to quality improvement.

Select any of the Care Settings below for more information and to learn how you can get involved.


Learning and Action Network

We invite you to join the Great Plains Learning and Action Network (LAN). All LAN partners will be invited to attend educational sessions on a variety of topics, have opportunities to learn from peers throughout the state and region and have access to an abundance of resources and tools. The LAN is a great opportunity to get connected and demonstrate your commitment to quality improvement.