Connecting with Pharmacists

Better patient outcomes, overall satisfaction and reducing avoidable hospital admissions

Join Our Efforts to Improve Care and Health Outcomes

With the growing number of Medicare consumers taking prescription medications and seeing multiple providers, medication safety in all healthcare settings is essential to care coordination and improving the health of consumers.

Pharmacy plays a vital role in many of our quality improvement activities. Pharmacies and pharmacists throughout the region are partnering with Great Plains QIN to improve medication safety and reduce Adverse Drug Events (ADEs). This includes implementing antibiotic stewardship programs to reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs), partnering with nursing homes to reduce inappropriate antipsychotic use in dementia patients and reducing ADEs through improved care coordination at the community level.

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Quality Care Coalition

Join our mission to make healthcare in your organization and community better. We are looking for committed nursing homes, community leaders and healthcare organizations to partner with us. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to be change makers. Join the Great Plains Quality Care Coalition today.