Safer Healthcare for All

Take an active role in your care

Healthy People, Healthy Communities: Healthcare Safety

At some point in our lives, we will all be consumers of healthcare. That is why it is important to be familiar with everyday practices that can improve safety of healthcare. It is equally important to pay attention and ask questions about your care.

Be safe to live well. You can be your best advocate. Learn how you or a loved one can:

  • Avoid hospital infections
  • Stay independent in a nursing home
  • Take medications more safely and understand them better
  • Get well-planned, coordinated care

If you want to be more connected and have accesses to resources, education and information on consumer safety topics and local initiatives, join the Great Plains Learning and Action Network. We welcome your participation. Join today.

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Great Plains Quality Care Coalition

Our Vision: Through collaboration and partnership, we aspire to make healthcare in the Dakotas the best in the nation. We have partnered with committed nursing homes, community leaders and healthcare organizations to improve the care in our communities. Better together.