A Person-Centered Plan of Care

Coordination of Care

Older Americans are admitted to the hospital more often than any other age group. Then, after they leave the hospital, one in five ends up back in the hospital within 30 days. Most of the time, a return to the hospital can be prevented. Often times, persons with Medicare receive care from several different healthcare professionals; there is no guarantee these providers are talking with one another regarding an individual’s care. This can lead to care that is not well coordinated and result in unneeded tests and medication errors.

We are working to change that. Great Plains QIN and healthcare providers in our communities are working together to help improve communication between healthcare providers; which will lead to improved care, less hospital visits, cost savings and better health outcomes.

Below are some things you can do:

  • Be more involved in your healthcare
  • When you leave the hospital, know what you need to do to continue to improve
  • Ask questions when you talk to your healthcare providers

If you want to be more connected and have accesses to resources, education and information on healthcare topics and coordination of care, join the Great Plains Learning and Action Network. We welcome your participation. Join today.

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Great Plains Quality Care Coalition

Our Vision: Through collaboration and partnership, we aspire to make healthcare in the Dakotas the best in the nation. We have partnered with committed nursing homes, community leaders and healthcare organizations to improve the care in our communities. Better together.