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Access to geriatric care improves the quality of life for patients and residents in our communities. Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is partnering with the University of North Dakota to improve access to care for patients with complex conditions in rural and underserved communities through the Geriatric and Age Friendly Care TeleEcho™ Series. The final offering in this series is focused on decisional making capacity.

University of North Dakota TeleEcho Session [Decisional Making Capacity] November 10, 2020 | 12:00 p.m. CT

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Let’s consider this case study: A 85- year old woman is hospitalized for pneumonia and is now ready for discharge. Her daughter returns from her mother’s apartment. She’s discovered two unpaid bills and two full bottles of medications. The case manager asks. “Can we send her home?” The case manager then presents this option: “Let’s have your daughter come over to your house and set up your pills on a weekly basis and help you with the finances.” The patient replies, “No. I don’t like that compared to what I do. I don’t like people coming over to my private place and I don’t want my daughter bothered.”

Attend the UND TeleECHO session to discuss this case study and the implications of decision-making abilities, capacities and competencies. Session objectives:

  • Define what decision making ability, capacity and competency is [and also how to assess in persons living with dementia]
  • Demonstrate how to assess each component
  • Express working knowledge on how to incorporate assessment techniques into everyday practice.

Great Plains QIN Huddle – November 17, 2020 | 12:00 p.m. CT

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During the November 17 huddle, the Great Plains QIN team will discuss the topic of decisional making capacity and offer tools, resources and guidance on how best to support individuals as we work to make informed decisions safely and respectively.

The Age Friendly Health Systems – 4Ms Framework

These sessions will utilize the 4Ms Framework. The model focuses on four key elements What Matters, Medication, Mentation and Mobility .Learn about the key components of the Age Friendly Health Systems 4Ms Framework. Learn more.