The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network helps providers with the prevention and management of chronic diseases by preventing cardiovascular events, promoting tobacco cessation, improving the management of diabetes to decrease complications and identifying individuals at high risk for developing diabetes and chronic kidney disease.

Improving health outcomes related to chronic conditions must be a joint effort between healthcare professionals, the community and the patient. From identifying at-risk individuals to providing self-management education and support, every individual contributes to and benefits from a collaborative approach.

Visit our Chronic Disease Management page for resources and tools to treat, prevent or manage cardiovascular complications. We also offer tools for tobacco prevention and chronic disease management. Our team has also developed a teach-back training guide to help with patient understanding to aid in improved health outcomes.

Q-Tips For Your Ears Podcast

Our Q-Tips For Your Ears Podcast offers basic information on healthcare topics that matter. The Series is developed by our quality improvement advisors. Please share this information with others; these podcast episodes can serve as a great teaching tool. Take a few minutes to listen and learn more. Each episode is less than 15 minutes

Cardiac Rehab Do It For Your Heart: Following a diagnosis of heart attack or heart failure, or after a procedure such as a heart stent or heart surgery, participating in cardiac rehab is one of the best things you can do for your heart.Q Tips For Your Ears Podcast Logo

Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring: Self-Measured Blood Pressure Monitoring (SMBP) is the regular measurement of blood pressure by the patient, outside the clinical setting. SMBP requires a home blood pressure measurement device to measure blood pressure at different points throughout the day. Learn how SMBP and support from the health care team can help with blood pressure control.

Health Literacy: Improving health literacy is one way to advance health equity. Understand what health literacy is, who it affects and strategies that can be done to improve health literacy.

Friday Focus GearsFocus for Health Series: Blood Pressure Control

Throughout 2023, our team has hosted a Focus for Health Series; weekly learning events intended to jump start or augment quality improvement efforts. We have featured many topics, including Life’s Essential 8, infection prevention, reducing preventable emergency department visits, blood pressure control, opioids and adverse drug events and much more.

In February, we discussed Blood Pressure Control. Access the recordings below: