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Our team of subject matter experts offers technical assistance, tailored education, best practices, tools and resources for healthcare organizations and Medicare consumers. We look forward to serving as your quality improvement expert, partner and resource in the journey towards improvement.

Our Commitment

We aim to achieve better health care, improved health, safer care and lower healthcare costs. Our team works in conjunction with state partners, while pooling resources and common elements into an organization that can best serve the needs of healthcare providers and Medicare consumers across the region.

Reducing Urinary Tract Infections in Nursing Homes

Reducing Urinary Tract Infections in Nursing Homes

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) can cause more problems than just pain or discomfort. They can contribute to falls, delirium and can even lead to sepsis. It's important to know what signs and symptoms to look for in your residents, but more importantly you need to...

Oral Health To Prevent Pneumonia in Healthcare Settings

Oral Health To Prevent Pneumonia in Healthcare Settings

Pneumonia is the one of the most common healthcare-associated infection in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), non-ventilator healthcare associated pneumonia (NV-HAP) is estimated to make up 65% of all...

Great Plains Quality Care Coalition

Our Vision: Through collaboration and partnership, we aspire to make healthcare in the Dakotas the best in the nation. We have partnered with committed nursing homes, community leaders and healthcare organizations to improve the care in our communities. Better together.