COVID-19 Resources and Updates

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network will utilize this page of our site to post resources, guidance and education related to COVID-19. We will do our best to provide relevant and timely information as it becomes available. As we navigate through this uncertain time, we thank you for your efforts every day to keep our community and family members safe.

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Long-Term Care

Great Plains QIN Auditing Performance Tracking Resources
Great Plains QIN Auditing Performance Tracker Template
Video: How to Use the Auditing Performance Tracking Tool
Presentation/Slides: QAPI Performance Tracking Tool

Nursing Home Infection Prevention and Control: Key Resources
Updated April 2021

COVID-19 Nursing Home Tutorial for Accessing CMS QSEP Training

AHRQ Competency Check vs. Observational Audit
AHRQ Observational Audits

CDC Resources
For the latest updates including resources for your community, visit the CDC website.

CMS Resources
For the most up-to-date program guidance, visit the CMS Current Emergencies Coronavirus.
Access transcripts and recordings from previously-held CMS Open Door forums.

Other Resources 

Visit our Vaccinations Page for all Vaccine-Related Resources