May 6 – 12: National Nurses Week & National Hospital Week

A time to celebrate and express our appreciation and admiration for all the nurses in our region as well as all members of our hospital teams

National Nurses Week falls on the same days each year, ending on Florence Nightingale’s birthday. Organized by the American Nurses Association (ANA), the observance is an opportunity to support and promote the nursing profession at the state and regional level. National Nurses Week is a time to celebrate and recognize the contributions nurses and nursing have made in our communities.

The 2018 theme is “Nurses: Inspire, Innovate, Influence”

National Hospital Week is a celebration of the history, technology and dedicated professionals that make the nation’s hospitals exceptional places to receive care. Sponsored by the American Hospital Association (AHA), the annual event is a time to recognize hospital staff, promote hospitals’ mission of health and wellness and celebrate the top quality care that the nation’s hospitals provide.

The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network team would like to thank all of the dedicated individuals – physicians, nurses, therapists, engineers, food service workers, volunteers, administrators and so many more – for their contributions to healthcare and for caring for our loved ones, community members and those in need.

Resources for these important observances are included below.

Thanks again for your service and partnership as we aspire to achieve our vision of making healthcare in our region the nation’s best.