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For a rural community or county already struggling to attract new – or maintain existing – businesses, the impact of substance use disorder on the quality of life and economic prosperity can be enormous. The Rural Community Toolbox is available to help you begin working to address substance use disorder (SUD) and opioids in your community. Find key federal resources and funding programs, along with tips and advice.

The Rural Community Toolbox is an interactive online tool; operated under a contract with the University of North Dakota Center for Rural Health. It serves as a guide to the resources that can help make a difference in rural communities. It offers tools to empower rural community leaders to assess the causes and impact of substance use disorder and find federal programs to help them build strong healthy drug-free rural communities. The Toolbox is centered around the Federal Rural Resource Guide, which was released in February 2021.

Access the Community Assessment Tool to learn more about how substance use disorder is impacting your area and what the contributing factors are. The interactive map provides access to county-level data on drug overdose deaths and related sociodemographic and economic statistics by county.

The Rural Community Action Guide: Building Stronger, Healthy, Drug-Free Rural Communities shares insights and expertise from a wide range of stakeholders working to address substance use disorder and related issues in rural communities nationwide. Learn about recommended action steps rural communities can take related to prevention, treatment, and recovery

Discover rural programs and activities underway to address these issues that can be adapted in other rural communities in the Rural Community Action Guide: Promising Practices.