As more nicotine products are released, the more people that are getting hooked by addiction. As these pouches have gained popularity, concerns have been raised about their high nicotine content, youth-appealing flavors, and misleading claims about their health risks.

Oral nicotine pouches are not approved by the FDA for any use, including as a tool for quitting nicotine. Nicotine pouches can contain high concentrations of nicotine, which can put users at risk of nicotine addiction and can make quitting more challenging.

A study from 2022 found that sales of oral nicotine pouches containing the highest nicotine concentration (8 mg) increased faster than sales of pouches with a lower nicotine concentration (6, 4, or 3 mg), raising concerns about the addictiveness of these products.

Quitting oral nicotine pouches is possible using strategies similar to those used to quit other nicotine products.

EX is a free digital quit tobacco program, developed by Truth Initiative in collaboration with the Mayo Clinic Nicotine Dependence Center. EX has helped over 910,000 tobacco users on their journey to quit smoking, vaping, dipping, chewing, or using any type of tobacco. EX program tools for quitting:

Ex Plan: This plan dynamically tailors experiences by quit journey and tobacco use type for each participant. Through structured check-ins, EX’s AI engine learns the user’s quit journey stage and recommends relevant content and EX community posts.

Live Chat Coaching: Participants gain access to a non-judgmental quit smoking coach, via live chat, by logging into the EX Plan from any smartphone, computer, or tablet. Participants receive proactive prompts to chat with an EX Coach throughout their quit process and can choose to engage with an EX Coach at their convenience. Participants may chat as long as they need, as many times as they want.

Text Messaging: The quit smoking text messages text with users to deliver timely and compelling messages, either in English or Spanish. EX’s research shows that this dynamic, personalized approached delivered, via text message, increases the number of participants who set a quit date and complete steps in the EX Plan.

chain with cigarette imageBreak the Chain of Nicotine Dependence

The Great Plains QIN’s Break the Chain of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Change Package was developed to guide healthcare providers and staff to improve referrals to tobacco/nicotine treatment programs and assistance.

Great Plains QIN hosted a learning event, Break the Chain of Nicotine Dependence, on May 23, 2023. Molly Leis, MS, LADC, LPCC, CTTS; Nicotine Dependence Counselor, CTTS, with the Mayo Clinic and Ed LarsonMA, CTTS; Tobacco Treatment Coordinator, Southeast Human Service Center shared their stories, experiences, knowledge and resources. Access the Webinar recording and presentation on the Great Plains QIN Website