Sepsis awareness month 2023

Sepsis is the #1 admission and readmission diagnosis for North Dakota and South Dakota. It is important to understand how to identify and treat sepsis early.

With sepsis, the chemicals from your body’s own defenses trigger inflammatory responses, which can impair blood flow to organs, like the brain, heart or kidneys. This can lead to organ failure and tissue damage. When it’s most severe, the body’s response to infection can cause dangerously low blood pressure. This can happen very fast. Therefore, identifying and treating early is the key. Use this CDC pocket guide to learn how to get ahead of sepsis by knowing the risks and spotting the signs.

The CDC just released the first-ever Hospital Sepsis Program Core Elements to help all hospitals, regardless of size or location, implement, monitor and optimize sepsis programs and improve survival rates. The development of a multi-disciplinary sepsis program is critical to monitoring and improving the management and recovery of patients with sepsis.

End Sepsis National Forum – September 13, 2023 | Register Today

Register for the September 13, 2023, End Sepsis National Forum on Sepsis, Advancing Against Sepsis: Breaking Through on Policy, Data and Science and Innovation. Register Today.

Additional Resources

Access the FREE Sepsis Alliance Toolkit and infographic library. Print the posters and hang them in your hospital, office and community. 

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TIME Is Sepsis: Sepsis is a medical emergency. Learn the symptoms and what you should say to your healthcare provider when you suspect sepsis. Share this information with your patients and loved ones.


Video: Life After Sepsis offers tips on supporting sepsis survivors and red flags to watch for following recovery.