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Beyond private insurance, numerous programs exist that alleviate the financial burden associated with vaccinations. Join Immunize South Dakota for an eye-opening session delving into recent changes to immunization coverage policy. This webinar is a must-attend, tailored to equip participants with the knowledge and resources essential for confidently recommending vaccines.

Expert speakers will discuss the evolving landscape of vaccine coverage, including a review of private sector coverage, new vaccine coverage in Medicare and Medicaid, CDC Bridge Access Program for the Covid-19 vaccines and where to find them, and the horizon for coverage for uninsured adults. Panelists will share updates on the integration of new immunizations for RSV into the marketplace and insights into the Vaccines for Children program. Special guests from the South Dakota Medicaid Medical Services division will elaborate on how vaccines are covered for Medicaid patients and shed light on the potential benefits of Medicaid Expansion in South Dakota for newly eligible patients.Vaccine

November 7, 2023 | 12:30 pm CT

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Presented by: Abby Bownas, NVG, LCC; Brent Ewig, Association of Immunization Managers and Teresa Campbell, South Dakota Medicaid Medical Services