The United States National Health Interview Survey and the United States National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey show Americans with diabetes have a 90 percent higher death rate than those without diabetes.

“Another way of saying that is, if diabetes were eliminated as a disease process, the number of deaths would decline by 12 percent,” said study author Samuel Preston, a sociology professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

The number of Americans with diabetes rose 300% from 5.5 million to almost 22 million in a 34-year span (1980-2014). Diabetes has now been identified as the third most common cause of death in adults, behind heart disease and cancer. 

Read on MedlinePlus about the study.

Our Efforts to Improve Health Outcomes Related to Diabetes Care

The Great Plains QIN is working to improve health outcomes and reduce issues of health disparities among people with diabetes through the following:

  • Assisting physician clinics in improving utilization and clinical outcome measures for HbA1c, lipid, blood pressure, annual eye exams, sensory foot exams and weight control for Medicare consumers with diabetes
  • Improving HbA1c, lipid, blood pressure and weight control outcomes for Medicare consumers with diabetes
  • Decreasing the number of individuals who require lower extremity amputations due to complications resulting from poorly controlled diabetes
  • Increasing Medicare consumer participation in Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME) classes
  • Increasing the number of recognized diabetes education centers, diabetes educators, Certified Diabetes Educators (CDEs) and community health workers

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