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Project Firstline offers trainings on infectious disease prevention and is designed to give frontline healthcare workers the knowledge to perform daily duties with confidence. The goal is to make sure as many healthcare workers as possible have access and complete these trainings.

Diane Eide is now leading the Project Firstline Program in South Dakota. Eide shared some recent project updates and new resources.

Diane EideNew Resources: Where Germs Live
The latest training Module to the Project Firstline series is Where Germs Live in Healthcare Settings.

Although we can’t see them, germs are everywhere and they need somewhere to grow – a place where they can live. These places, called reservoirs, are found on and in our bodies and in the environment. With a foundational knowledge about germ spread and the “why” behind infection control, healthcare professionals can recognize infection risks and make the right decisions to prevent people from getting sick, regardless of what the day brings.

“We have added CDC interactive resources, activities and videos that can be shared to our Web site. There are also new learning opportunities still in development as well; activities such as ‘escape rooms’ can enhance learning while making education fun. We also offer Certificates of Completion for staff to download and print when learning modules are completed, shared Eide.

We’re developing a new curriculum and offering more hands-on assistance. We plan to increase our presence with assisted living communities, too and we are reaching out to youth by collaborating with local HOSA (Future Health Professionals) chapters. HOSA is a global student-led organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in the health industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.”

It’s going to be an exciting year for Project Firstline in South Dakota! We encourage everyone to visit our website, download the educational posters and complete the CDC training videos. Access the CDC Training Modules here.

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Project Firstline is a CDC-led infection prevention and education program. Project Firstline South Dakota partners include the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care, the South Dakota Department of Health and the CDC. Project Firstline provides important infection prevention and control training. Innovative, accessible and designed for every single person who works in a healthcare setting. Choose from: online video modules (self- paced), Zoom webinars or in-person classes.