Knowledge Is Power

Transcending COVID-19 Vaccine Barriers: Strategies to Increase Confidence and Acceptance

The North Dakota State University Center for Immunization Research and Education (CIRE) hosted a free virtual conference, June 16-17, for healthcare providers and public health professionals to examine ways to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates. The conference featured one-hour presentations from national experts who shared strategies to increase COVID-19 vaccine confidence and acceptance.

Conference Objectives:

  1. Explore strategies to address COVID-19 vaccine with patients, to ultimately increase vaccination rates in healthcare practices.
  2. Examine the role social media can play in COVID-19 vaccine communication.
  3. Summarize COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring systems and safety data.


  1. COVID-19 Vaccines | Dr. Sara Oliver
  2. The Power of the Messenger in COVID-19 Vaccine Communications Strategies | Dr. Joe Smyser
  3. Weathering the Storm: An All Hands on Deck Response to a Pandemic of Misinformation | Dr. Jetelina
  4. Germs, Antibodies & God: Intersections of Religion & Vaccination | Dr. Joshua Williams
  5. Public Health Communications in a Polarized Climate | Dr. Castrucci
  6. Assuring COVID-19 Vaccine Safety | Ms. Tiffany Suragh
  7. COVID-19 Vaccinations & Women: Addressing Patient Concerns | Dr. Ault
  8. Increasing Vaccine Uptake | Dr. Noel Brewer

Lauren Dysband MPH“The CIRE team is extremely pleased to be able to provide public health professionals and healthcare providers in the upper Midwest the opportunity to hear from nationally recognized speakers on understanding the landscape of vaccine hesitancy in our country and ways to increase COVID-19 vaccination rates. We are in unprecedented times and the more tools and information we can provide – with the ultimate goal of increasing confidence and acceptance of COVID-19 vaccine – the better,” added Lauren Dybsand, MPH; CIRE Immunization Education Project Manager – Department of Public Health; North Dakota State University.


The conference presentation recordings have been posted to the NDSU CIRE YouTube page, which includes all 8 speaker presentations and the Q&A sessions.