Learn about the impact of dementia in caring for nursing home residents with COVID-19 and how to protect the emotional health of nursing home staff through this no-cost, updated Quality, Safety & Education Portal (QSEP) online training developed by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

View scenarios In Module 5: Caring for Residents with Dementia to gain more understanding of the special needs that residents with dementia have and how to best care for them. Master content at your own pace, learning anytime and anywhere, even on your mobile devices.

Module 5: Caring for Residents with Dementia

Integrate Needs Slide from CMS Module 3Benefits for nursing home staff:

  • Learn how to approach COVID-19 testing in residents for dementia
  • Identify changes in condition for residents with dementia
  • Learn how to address trauma in residents with dementia

While many concerns rest on the physical health and well-being of nursing home staff and residents, emotional health is also important. Module 8: Emotional Health, is designed for nursing home managers to learn how to develop creative strategies to promote and support emotional health for staff and residents.

Module 8: Emotional Health

CMS Module 8 ImageBenefits for nursing home managers:

  • Learn the difference between social isolation and loneliness in residents and how to combat it
  • Empower staff to care for their emotional health
  • Learn strategies to promote emotional health in staff


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