The tobacco industry has a long history of targeting specific groups and an excellent track record when it comes to luring them to try their deadly products. Once hooked, nicotine addiction and ongoing marketing efforts can create customers for life.

To help combat this problem, the South Dakota Tobacco Control Program has launched new media campaigns to promote quitting tobacco products for many of these groups. These campaigns can be found at QUIT South Dakota. The website also includes educational resources, funding opportunities, healthcare provider information and much more.

The Last Smoke
The Last Smoke is focused on making smoking history – visit the Museum of Extinction and be a part of history by quitting smoking. Going the way of the dinosaurs. The dodo bird. The pet rock. It’s the last smoke. The very last cigarette that ever existed. Picture a beautiful future where smoking is in our rearview. sd quits campaigns

Honor Every Breath
Honor Every Breath is focused on traditional tobacco education and promoting cessation of commercial tobacco among our indigenous communities. Don’t let tobacco use prevent us from telling our story. Our people our having their voices taken away by smoking. Keep what’s on our lungs, on our tongues. Tell the story.

More Good Years
More Good Years. Quitting a bad habit doesn’t always happen overnight. And quitting smoking can be bigger than getting more years back on your life. It can mean getting more good years back. Quitting tobacco means helping to make sure your years are good. It’s the difference between quality time with your grandkids, and sitting out activities to catch your breath.

Vaping Sucks
Vaping Sucks is targeted towards our youth and the vaping epidemic that they are facing. This campaign provides vaping education on the unregulated chemicals found inside vape products and encourages prevention and cessation.

Watch Your Mouth
Watch Your Mouth is coming soon! This is an oral health and tobacco campaign. Tobacco use significantly increases the risk of oral cancer; this campaign is focused on promoting cessation among dental patients.

For North Dakota tobacco information, visit NDQuits. The mission is to improve and protect the health of North Dakotans by reducing the negative health and economic consequences of the state’s number-one cause of preventable disease and death – tobacco use. NDQuits serves more than 3,000 North Dakotans every year with a high success rate. They are the leading resource for North Dakotans seeking assistance to quit smoking or using smokeless tobacco products, including vapes or electronic cigarettes.

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Break the Chain of Nicotine Dependence – The Great Plains QIN’s Break the Chain of Tobacco/Nicotine Dependence Change Package was developed to guide healthcare providers and staff to improve referrals to tobacco/nicotine treatment programs and assistance.