medication pills and box

The Campaign for Meds Management has developed two resources for community providers, facilities, clinics, patients, families and caregivers.

The patient version of the Adverse Drug Event (ADE) causality flowchart may be used directly by a patient to help them determine if they are having an ADE and appropriate next steps. The provider version may be used by providers to assist in evaluations with patients to determine if they are having an ADE. The links to access both resources are included below.

Patient ADE Self-Evaluation Flowchart

Provider ADE Causality Flowchart

The Great Plains QIN is partnering with providers, pharmacists and stakeholders in the region to reduce and monitor ADE rates. Learn more about this partnership on the Medication Safety webpage. For more information on how medication safety is a key element to improved care coordination, visit the Great Plains QIN Care Coordination Initiative page.

The Campaign for Meds Management is a national campaign to raise awareness, motivate and integrate promising practices across national quality improvement initiatives. Patients, advocates, providers, networks and community partners are campaign partners. The Campaign for Meds Management works to align community-based coalitions and partnerships in improving medication management.