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Access to geriatric care improves the quality of life for patients and residents in our communities. Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is partnering with the University of North Dakota to improve access to care for patients with complex conditions in rural and underserved communities through the Geriatric and Age Friendly Care TeleEcho™ Series. 

July Beyond POLST –  Recording and Presentation Available

Tammy Wagner and her dadDuring the huddle, Tammy Wagner shared her dad’s story.  At 41, he was diagnosed with three brain aneurysms and an arteriovenous malformation. Surgery was delayed two years. Prior to surgery, the family was told he had a 50 percent chance of survival; however, there was never the conversation of what ‘living’ would look like. A business owner, bass guitarist, stock car driver, outdoor enthusiast and lover of cheeseburgers and french fries, life post surgery looked very different.

“My dad lived another 22 years at home, but his life was never the same. For 22 years, the conversation regarding ‘what matters’ to him never occurred. My dad had so many great years, but advance care planning conversations should have been discussed at every visit and change in condition along the way. There were hundreds of opportunities missed.”

Access the recording and presentation materials below to learn more about Tammy’s story, better understand the difference between advance directives, POLST and DNR orders and resources and initiatives to aid in advance care planning.

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network Huddle – Beyond POLST – July 21, 2020
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University of North Dakota – Beyond POLST  – July 14, 2020
Not yet available.

Access information on the North Dakota Geriatric and Age Friendly Care Series. These sessions will address knowledge gaps and expand understanding of effective, high quality medical and behavioral treatments for conditions common among the senior population.

The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network team will host a ‘Huddle’ after each Geriatric and Age Friendly Care TeleECHO session hosted by the University of North Dakota. These huddles will further the discussion on how each topic relates to the 4Ms framework and how to incorporate into your area of practice. Our team will answer questions and offer assistance and resources.

Be sure to join us in August for a conversation, Prescription for Physical Activity. Open to healthcare professionals in North Dakota and South Dakota

Upcoming Schedule – All events are scheduled for 12:00 p.m. CT [subject to change]

August 11, 2020 – Prescription for Physical Activity
August 18, 2020 – Great Plains QIN Huddle 

September 8, 2020 – Medication Update
September 15, 2020 – Great Plains QIN Huddle 

October 13, 2020 – Depression in Older Adults
October 20, 2020 – Great Plains QIN Huddle 

November 10, 2020 – Decisional Making Capacity
November 17, 2020 – Great Plains QIN Huddle 

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