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The National Health Equity: Grand Rounds hosted an event, Advancing Health Equity Through Resistance. The series was a platform for critical national conversations about complex topics in healthcare, designed to eliminate the root causes of present-day health inequities by tracing some of the social, economic, political, geographic and environmental roots of all of these systems that surround us.

The Grand Rounds event took place on May 30, 2024. The speakers include scholars, activists, physicians, and community organizers who have each tremendously contributed to the knowledge and efforts for health equity around the country. Their perspectives remind us that health equity is not just a medical issue and help identify strategies to counter resistance while supporting health for every individual and community.

Watch Advancing Health Equity Through Resistance

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe the reasons why some health equity initiatives are effective, and others are counterproductive (or performative)
2. Identify opportunities to advance health equity in medicine through individual, institutional, and structural solutions
3. Describe the current status of health equity initiatives in a politically divided nation including threats and opportunities in this work
4. Identify strategies to advance equity through resistance, while building a stronger multiracial democracy equipped to support health for every individual across the United States

Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Education credits are offered for this course.

Topics Covered: HE Conference

  • Historical context and current challenges
  • Reflection on public health equity
  • Legal perspectives on racism and class
  • Medical community’s role in advocacy
  • Strategies for advancing health equity
  • Reflections on historical context and current challenges
  • Trans rights and healthcare
  • Health equity and organizational challenges
  • Housing devaluation and wealth extraction
  • Greensboro Health Disparities Collaborative
  • Community organizing and legislative battles
  • Local solutions and civic action
  • Systemic changes and policy advocacy