Friday Focus 4 Health Featured Image

We recently launched our Friday Focus For Health Series. This Series is intended to jump start or augment your current quality improvement efforts. Participants will connect across the Dakotas for a diverse and collaborative learning experience designed to improve patient outcomes.

If you missed the December 6 Launch, you can visit our Friday Focus 4 Health Webpage to access the recording, and to view all the resources.

The January 2023 Series will focus on Opioids and Adverse Drug Events. You can register for the Opioid session or Adverse Drug Event session (or both).

Click Here to Register for our January Series

Each 4-Week Series will concentrate on a healthcare topic, including, but not limited to:

  • Adverse Drug Events
  • Opioids
  • Patient Safety
  • Hospital Utilization
  • Chronic Disease Management


One topic. 4 weeks. 30 minutes. YOUR pace.

If you have any questions regarding the January series, please contact a member of our team.