Elderly couple with a nurse

Patient Experience Week, April 23-27, 2018, is an annual event to celebrate healthcare staff and their impact on patients every day. Individuals sitting in the waiting room of a healthcare facility are often experiencing varied levels of physical discomfort and anxiety. They rely on healthcare professionals to provide relief through diagnosis and treatment. A reassuring smile from the nurse or thorough explanation of the health concern or medication use can be the difference between a negative and positive experience.

As the Quality Innovation Network-Quality Improvement Organization (QIN-QIO) serving Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota, the Great Plains QIN uses the collective knowledge and resources of its members to achieve the aims of better health care, improved health, safer care and lower healthcare costs.   Through collaboration and partnership, we aspire to make health in our region the best in the nation. The healthcare professionals who serve our region make this vision possible.

“Daily activities and demands have an impact on every individual,” stated Nancy Beaumont, director of quality improvement for Great Plains QIN. “Healthcare professionals have the challenge of managing the technical demands of healthcare while also providing education, reassurance and support. “

A full team of healthcare professionals work behind the scenes to provide high quality care for each patient.  From the greeting at the reception desk to the visit to the pharmacy for a prescription, each individual encountered plays a role in the full patient experience.

“While the patient may encounter the receptionist, the nurse and the provider, there is a whole team of other individuals behind the scenes working on quality improvement, managing laboratory results and coordinating care,” added Beaumont. “Healthcare is truly a team effort.”

Content experts from healthcare systems across the region partner on a broad range of initiatives to impact quality care and improve the patient experience. Great Plains QIN is proud to partner with these healthcare professionals who are committed to positive health outcomes and patient experiences using ongoing quality improvement efforts.

This week Great Plains QIN celebrates the accomplishments of our healthcare partners and honors the people who impact the patient experience every day. Join us by posting a message on the Great Plains QIN Facebook page with #PXWEEK.