Great Plains QIN updated the GPQIN Electronic Vaccination Tracking Log to include the second COVID-19 booster, pneumococcal vaccines PCV15 and PCV20. This Excel tracking log is designed as a ‘quick review’ for the MDS person and/or infection preventionist to access a listing of residents and their vaccination status for Influenza, pneumococcal and COVID-19.

The tool includes sections (tabs) for several years (2021 -2024) and a cumulative ‘At a Glance’ tab which has a yearly graphing feature for vaccinations given at your facility. The resource section (tab) was also updated to include booster recommendations and updates.

 Please note: This is not to be confused with the NHSN Tracking Sheets for COVID 19 vaccinations (resident and healthcare worker) that you may be using for your NHSN data inputs.