Pharmacogenomic testing is a form of genetic testing that helps predict how an individual will respond to certain medications based on their genetic makeup. It involves analyzing variations in genes that affect drug metabolism, efficacy, and potential adverse reactions.

Attend our upcoming Webinar to better understand how a patient’s genetic profile can help healthcare providers tailor medication choices and dosages to optimize effectiveness and minimize the risk of adverse effects. This personalized approach to prescribing medications can improve treatment outcomes, reduce the likelihood of adverse drug reactions, and enhance patient safety.

Tuesday, June 18, 2024 | 3:00 – 4:00 pm CT

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  • Define pharmacogenomics and explain how it can be utilized for medication optimization
  • Identify patient/residents who may benefit from pharmacogenomic testing

Speaker: Tamara Ruggles, PharmD, BCGP
Specialty Pharmacy Consulting, LLC

Dr Tamara Ruggles

Tamara is a Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist with over ten years of experience as a consultant pharmacist in the long term care setting.  She is the owner and operator of Specialty Pharmacy Consulting and The Deprescribing Clinic.  She is certified in antimicrobial stewardship and pharmacogenomics and has a passion for deprescribing and reducing anticholinergic burden.  She and her husband live in Bismarck, ND with their seven children.