Golden Ticket

Golden ticket: an extremely valuable opportunity or means of access to something desired [Dictionary, Merriam-Webster]


The Rolling Hills Healthcare team in Belle Fourche, SD implemented a ‘Golden Ticket’ program as an ‘extremely valuable opportunity’ to help ensure the safety of their residents and team members. When a team member sees the ‘golden ticket’, this is an indication that a resident has NOT tested positive for COVID and extra precautions should be taken.

Kim Wilkins Photo“Golden Ticket is a great visual aid for staff to see and they don’t have to remember all the test results. It is also a fun way to keep joy in our facility. Golden Ticket goes back to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and we have not had any staff not recognize the Golden Ticket without a smile behind their mask,” shared Kim Wilkins, RN, Director of Nursing.

It is not known how long someone can shed the virus. Therefore, if a nursing home team member has provided cares to residents who have tested positive for COVID or if the team member themselves have tested positive, extra caution should be taken, which includes:

  • washing your hands
  • wearing/changing gloves
  • not letting your clothing touch these residents
  • ensuring you do not touch your face, mouth or nose, mask or eye protection
  • make sure equipment is cleaned prior to entering room
  • remember shoes are dirty from walking around residents who have had COVID

Tracy H Rolling Hills Administrator

Tracy Harwood, Administrator, added, “I feel our staff have had an abundance of information and changes in the last 9 months; it is getting difficult to remember all the changes. It is hard for frontline staff to keep track of the residents who have not had COVID. Golden Ticket is a great way to keep all staff informed. Our team has been amazing; we are so proud of them.”