working together

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network offers two listservs to get connected; two-way communication channels for members to ask questions, share resources and educational opportunities. Join today.

Community Listserv

If you are interested in healthcare, are a care provider, a recipient of care or live in a North Dakota or South Dakota community, we invite you to join.  As a listserv member, you are part of two-way conversations centered around community resources, educational opportunities, accessible care and health equity. Use the listserv to promote and share the good things happening in your organization and community.

Join Our Community Coalition Listserv

Nursing Homes

A platform for nursing home team members to engage in two-way communication to ask questions, share resources and training opportunities. This listserv is very active and has proven to be a valuable resource for nursing home team members in the Dakotas.

Join Our Nursing Home Listserv

Once you join, you will receive a welcome message with participation instructions and reminders. Also, you can subscribe or un-subscribe at any time. Have a question? Contact a member of our team.