Falls continue to be a national public health concern. Join the week of September 18-24 in a nationwide effort to raise awareness that falls are preventable. This is a perfect opportunity for healthcare workers and caregivers in North and South Dakota to learn how to prevent falls and take steps to reduce their risk.

Leacey Brown is a gerontologist field specialist working at South Dakota State University. She explained, “As a gerontologist, my responsibility is to monitor emerging conditions that are relevant to aging and older adults. Trends in the falls data show that falls are a major concern with horrendous consequences. My colleagues and I were able to connect with others concerned about older adult falls.”

Given Brown’s role monitoring emerging conditions related to older adults, she recognized the need to provide support and education to prevent falls.

Leacey Brown“Preventing falls as we get older is critical to having a high quality of life through end-of-life. I want each of us to have the opportunity to avoid a life-altering fall as we get older. That’s why I am committed to the fall prevention work in South Dakota,” Brown stated.

Browns efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; there has been a significant impact. She added, “We have received many invitations to present to professionals groups about fall prevention efforts. The South Dakota Fall Prevention Coalition was relaunched by individuals from several organizations. At an organizational level, we successfully completed a grant project to bring Fit & Strong! to South Dakota. We reached over 400 participants through this effort. The South Dakota Fall Prevention Coalition is a great resource for any professional who wants to address falls with the older adults they serve. This group works together to expand the availability of evidence-based fall prevention interventions and programs.”

She concluded, “I hope, through our efforts, that more older adults will feel motivated and empowered to address the fall risk factors in themselves. I would like older adults to encourage each other to reduce their fall risk.”

Webinar: Removing Stumbling Blocks to Reduce Falls 
September 19, 2022 | 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. CT

A simple stumble or slip can result in a serious injury or even death. Individuals 65 and older are at a higher risk for injury from a fall, which most often happens at home or at a residential care facility. Encouraging participation in evidence-based programs can help prevent a fall by increasing balance and strength, while also improving quality of life.


  1. Explore opportunities to implement fall screening in communities across South Dakota
  2. Explain the value of evidence-based fall prevention programs
  3. Describe the personal benefits to individuals who participate in evidence-based fall prevention programs
  4. Review availability of programs across South Dakota

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This Webinar is hosted by Great Plains Quality Innovation Network in partnership with the South Dakota Fall Prevention Coalition and Sanford Health.

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