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Dream Teams -vs- Scream Teams: The Art & Science of Building Effective Leadership Teams

Certified content expert, Kate Hilton, JD, MTS, Founding Director and Senior Consultant at ReThink Health recently shared essential conditions that enable teams to function effectively. As part of this WebEx, Hilton also offered ways to identify key elements of a ‘real’ team and conditions of an enabling structure. The Grand Island Clinic in Nebraska, shared elements of their organizational structure to enable their team to function effectively as an example of a ‘dream team’.

This WebEx was highly interactive and well-received. Several comments from attendees are included below.

“After attending this WebEx, I am going to re-look at each team I am a part of and make sure they are as effective as possible.”

“I was reminded that everyone has a purpose and you really need to be able to tap into everyone’s worth and ability.”

“We need to work to ensure that all team members are aware of the purpose for their work while involved on the team.”

“Have the expectation of being a dream team first and not accept anything less.”

To access the WebEx event, including the presentation, handouts and recording, visit our Web site.