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Want to test your knowledge about medications that are potentially inappropriate in older adults and learn more about polypharmacy and associated risks. You can access the July 8 DePrescribing in the Elderly Webinar presentation and recording on our Web site.

Access the Presentation and Recording

Presenter: Allison Hursman, PharmD- Assistant Professor of Pharmacy at North Dakota State University

“Hursman offered an informative presentation on the impact of overprescribing and resources available to assist with deprescribing. She engaged the audience offering valuable advice and recommendations to questions raised. Eevidence-based research and data were shared to aid in the understanding of the issue, the impact as well as what the healthcare community can do to improve. Feedback from attendees was very positive and we are pleased that we were able to offer this valuable learning opportunity,” stated Keri McDermott, Great Plains QIN Communications Director.

An attendee commented, “This was fantastic information and excellent resources shared. I plan to begin the conversation on deprescribing with older adults, teams and providers.”

DePrescribing ResourcesĀ