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Dakota Geriatrics (University of North Dakota GWEP) is organizing their first annual ADRD symposium titled “Dementia Friendly Healthcare and Community”.

June 24, 2020 – A day-long opportunity where regional faculty experts update participants on dementia assessment and management, including newer medical diagnostics and behavioral management strategies.

The virtual symposium has been set up in a split format. Morning sessions will be directed towards healthcare professionals and will provide opportunities to earn free education credits. The noon keynote session will be presented by Dr. Daniel Murman, Director, Behavioral Neurology Section, University of Nebraska Medical Center on Decreasing the Impact of Dementia: The Value of Assessment & Networks. Afternoon sessions will be devoted to presentations for family caregivers and community workers. Social workers will have the opportunity to obtain continuing education credits (approved by North Dakota Board of Social Workers Examiners) for the afternoon sessions. Please note that, whether you plan to attend one type of session or both, you will only have to register once.

For more information, including the schedule of events, visit www.dakotageriatrics.org or contact Gunjan D. Manocha, PhD, at gunjan.manocha@und.edu.