Standard 14 | Create conflict and grievance resolution processes that are culturally and linguistically appropriate to identify, prevent, and resolve conflicts or complaints.

Purpose | Standard 14 helps to facilitate open and transparent two-way communication and feedback mechanisms between individuals and organizations; works to anticipate, identify, and respond to cross-cultural needs; helps to meet federal and/or state level regulations that address topics such as grievance procedures, the use of ombudspersons, and discrimination policies and procedures.

Strategies for Achievement:

  • Provide cross-cultural communication training, including how to work with an interpreter, and conflict resolution training to staff who handle conflicts, complaints, and feedback
  • Develop a clear process to address instances of conflict and grievance that includes follow-up and ensures that the individual is contacted with a resolution and next steps 

For additional strategies, see “The Blueprint an implementation guide to help you advance and sustain CLAS within your organization.   

The Checklist | Work with your team to complete this Implementation Checklist for the National CLAS Standards to find areas of opportunity and create your CLAS Action Worksheet! 

The Great Plains QIN team developed a simple video to outline National CLAS Standard 14. If you have questions or would like technical assistance on how to implement the National CLAS Standards, contact a member of the Great Plains QIN Team.