Nurse with elderly couple

 Long-Term Care Facility – Educational Video [30 minutes]

Developed by the North Dakota State University’s Center for Immunization Research and Education; applicable for all nursing home team members. A thorough Q&A session followed by fact-based responses to common questions. The videos help aid in vaccine understanding and confidence.

Accessible via YouTube:

The program also developed a few shorter [2-3 minute] videos that focus on specific questions. Access their YouTube channel: NDSU Center for Immunization Research & Education – YouTube. Additional educational videos are in progress.

Lauren Dysband MPH“It is completely understandable to have questions about COVID-19 vaccine. Our goal at the Center for Immunization Research and Education is to provide evidence-based, high-quality education for our long-term care facility staff in our state. We want everyone to be confident and feel well informed regarding their ultimate vaccine decision. We are willing to work with facilities on a one-on-one basis to meet their unique needs. If you are not interested in a live, one-on-one training – please check out our YouTube channel. We have a variety of both shorter and longer videos available discussing some of the most common questions on COVID-19 vaccine we have received. Reach out to us today with any questions or interest in offering COVID-19 vaccine education at your facility. Kylie and I are happy to answer any questions you may have,” shared Lauren Dybsand, MPH; CIRE Immunization Education Program Manager. Dybsand is a COVID-19 Vaccine Educator.

COVID-19 Vaccine Education for North Dakota Long-Term Care Staff

The Center for Immunization Research and Education (CIRE) in the Department of Public Health at North Dakota State University (NDSU) is working with the North Dakota Department of Health to develop education which addresses COVID-19 vaccine related concerns and questions in North Dakota long-term care facilities. Education includes highly tailored, one-on-one sessions, which focus on each organization’s unique needs. Training can be offered virtually or asynchronously and sessions will be 30 minutes to one hour in duration.

To help plan your consultation, email and you will be sent a survey to assess your needs. The CIRE team will meet with you and/or your team prior to the education to determine what topics would be most meaningful for your staff, how the education should be delivered and when the education should be provided. A broad range of concerns and questions regarding COVID-19 vaccine can be covered. Access the COVID-19 Vaccine Education Program Brochure for additional information.

Please note; the consultation/trainings, offered through the CIRE program, are available for North Dakota nursing homes only.