Connecting the Dots Image

The Great Plains QIN team hosted a Webinar, Connecting the Dots, on March 15, 2022 to present the connection between sepsis, immunizations and antibiotic stewardship. Presenters offered an overview of the Connecting the Dots campaign and available tools and resources that can be printed and distributed.

Data related to sepsis in the Dakotas was shared as well as an explanation of the role immunizations play in avoiding unnecessary antibiotics. Data shows that we have opportunities to recognize and treat infections before they proceed to sepsis resulting in hospital admission, readmission and potentially death.

The Webinar recording and the PowerPoint presentation have been added to our Web site. Click on ‘Access the Recording’ or ‘Access the Presentation’. Please note, the two videos shared during the Webinar are not included in the recording. The links to both videos are included below:

  1. The Faces of Sepsis | National Sepsis Alliance
  2. What To Do When Antibiotics Do Not Work Anymore | TED Talk 2015

Several attendees indicated they would be revamping their immunization programs and increasing access to education on antibiotics and sepsis for patients, family members and staff. One attendee commented, “I look forward to watching the presentation again to get more ideas and increase my knowledge so I can help others understand how dangerous overuse of antibiotics can be.”

Thanks to those who attended; we look forward to continuing the conversation on these important topics.