Dr. Archana Chatterjee Immunization Presentation


How are immunizations, antibiotics and sepsis related and how might this impact you?

Dr. Steven Q. Simpson, Dr. Trevor Van Schooneveld and Dr. Archana Chatterjee discussed the connection of these topics and identified the provider community’s role in educating and engaging the consumer to be an active participant in their healthcare journey. These events took place in Norfolk, Nebraska earlier this month.

“It was a great event that highlighted the connection between these three topics and how they are all focused on improving the health outcomes of people in our region,” shared Trevor Van Schooneveld, MD, FACP.

Sepsis Event for EMS Professionals: A Critical Partner

On April 8, 2019, national sepsis expert and champion, Dr. Steven Q. Simpson facilitated learning and discussion on the critical role of EMS in the early recognition and management of septic patients in Norfolk, Nebraska. Over 50 EMS professionals and first responders participated in a two-hour training session on the critical role they play in sepsis identification and prevention. There was the option to participate onsite and virtually. We were pleased with participation and the level of engagement; both those on site and those participating remotely.

Connecting the Dots Conference for Healthcare Providers

Connecting the Dots PosterThe three clinical champions and international experts presented at an all-day educational conference. The purpose was to increase knowledge of the connection between antibiotics, immunizations and sepsis and to emphasize the provider’s role in educating and engaging the consumer to be an active participant in their healthcare journey.

We began the day with a personal story, told by Susan Runyan, who lost her father to sepsis six years ago. Runyan commented,

“When I agreed to share the tragic story of my Dad’s sepsis journey, I had hoped to help just one person to feel how important it is to know the signs and symptoms of sepsis so they could make a difference in their lives or the lives of a patient. After the multiple events, I have no doubt that participants gained the knowledge needed to make a different ending for so many lives going forward!  What an honor to be able to be there and share his story; thank you!”

180 healthcare providers were in attendance representing a broad cross section of care settings and providers. 100 percent of attendees who completed an event evaluation reported that ‘Implementing the ideas and best practices presented in this education session will likely benefit our patients’. The panel of experts focused on protecting health in the community, preserving antibiotic effectiveness and preventing infections leading to sepsis through immunizations, responsible antibiotic use and good health hygiene. This event was supported and promoted by many community coalitions, trade associations, provider organizations and stakeholders throughout the state.

Community Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Community PanelTo continue the conversation, a community town hall meeting was held. The panel of healthcare experts shared their message to enhance understanding of how individuals can protect their health by preserving antibiotics by using them appropriately and preventing infections leading to sepsis through good hand hygiene, immunizations and proper use of medications. The town hall meeting was well attended and individuals were given an opportunity to ask questions of the panel. Local media was in attendance, covered the story in both print and television, which will further spread the message on these important and timely topics.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference and sharing my thoughts with both audiences. I also learned many things from my colleagues. Thanks for the invitation,” added Dr. Chatterjee.

To access presentation materials and information on the panel of experts, visit the Connecting the Dots Event Page. For a wealth of resources on these three important topics, visit our Web site.