Medical staff in meeting

Reminder for nursing home team members: CMS online training series: CMS Targeted COVID-19 Training for Frontline Nursing Home Staff and Management (also referred to as the CMS Designated Scenario-Based Training [SBT] or CMS Quality, Safety and Education Portal [QSEP] training).

Please note; you will need to register and/or log-in to access the training site.

This online training is newly updated and includes some features that are better aligned to meet your needs; your team is able to:

  • Opt-in or test-out to skip a training and focus learning exactly where it’s needed.
  • Train as a group or by mobile phone, tablet or desktop.
  • Complete the modules in any order and receive certificates of completion.

This training will meet the CMS target goal of at least 75 percent of nursing home staff and management completing the CMS Infection Control and Prevention training. CMS has developed some useful instructions and tools to assist:

  • The User Guide provides step-by-step instructions to access the free, on-demand trainings.
  • The Group Facilitator’s Guide provides everything you need to train your staff as a team, including a pre-training checklist and agenda, promotional flyers, user guide and more.

Do you have team members that have completed the trainings? If so, be sure to celebrate your success with your staff, residents and community. If you would like assistance with sharing your good work, let us know. Our communications team can provide you templates that are part of a ‘kudos kit’ to recognize your efforts. You can contact Great Plains QIN Communications Director, Keri McDermott, for assistance.