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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has designed a new mini-webinar series addressing different topics related to COVID-19 vaccination. Each webinar is approximately 15 minutes and offers Continuing Education (CE).

CDC’s first two webinars are available through the Training and Education Webinar Resources webpage, posted in the COVID-19 Vaccine Webinar Series section

  • Preventing Vaccine Administration Errors: A Primer for Healthcare Workers 

This module reviews how healthcare professionals can utilize best practices to prevent common errors in vaccine administration. Causes that lead to common vaccine administration errors are addressed as well as different error types and how to prevent them.

  • Getting Shots in Arms: A Primer for Healthcare Workers on Storing and Transporting Vaccines 

This module discusses how healthcare professionals can apply best practices to store and transport vaccines once they are received. Best practices include maintaining cold chain through staff training and establishing a standard operating procedure. Special considerations related to transporting and preparing vaccines are also shared.

Additional webinars will be posted in the coming weeks.