The Pink Book Web-on-Demand Series Update on Principles of Vaccination is now live. Sarah Schillie, MD, MPH, MBA, Communication and Education Branch (CEB), Immunization Services Division (ISD), National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD) will provide an update on principles of vaccination. Suzanne Johnson-DeLeon will moderate this session.

CDC is offering a series of weekly one-hour web-on-demand videos that will provide an overview of vaccination principles, general best practices, immunization strategies, and specific information about vaccine-preventable diseases and the vaccines that prevent them. Each video will include updated information from recent Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) meetings and votes.

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Here are the past topics: 

Date: Topic:
July 5 Principles of Vaccination
July 12 General Best Practice Guidelines, Part 1
July 19 General Best Practice Guidelines, Part 2, and Vaccine Safety
July 26 Immunization Strategies
August 2 Vaccine Storage and Handling
August 3 Vaccine Administration
August 9 DTaP/Tdap

Continuing education will be available for each event. There is no registration process to view this presentation. Questions about the material presented can be submitted to

A new video will be released every Tuesday through November 1, 2022. Join next week for the General Best Practices presentation.

Please visit the Pink Book Series webpage for the 2022 release schedule and additional information.