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The American Diabetes Association (ADA) and the Lewin Group published a report in March 2018, updated from 2012, showing a 26 percent increase in the costs of diabetes. This is due to increased diabetes prevalence and increased per person cost.

This cost increase is mostly among seniors, which places greater burden on the Medicare system. Medical expenses per person with diabetes is estimated at $16,750, and over half of that expense, $9,600, is attributed to diabetes. Medical expenses are 2.3 times higher in persons with diabetes versus those without diabetes. Indirect costs are estimated at $3.3 billion for absenteeism, $26.9 billion for reduced productivity while at work and $37.5 billion for inability to work due to diabetes-related disability.

Read the full online report in Diabetes Care.

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network is working to help reduce the cost of diabetes by offering/partnering with organizations to offer free Diabetes Self-Management Education (DSME). Learn more.

“As a leader of DSME I have seen how effective it can be to educate, engage and empower patients to achieve control of their diabetes. As a result, we may reduce utilization of emergency department visits, hospital admissions and readmissions, while improving clinical outcomes for the person with diabetes. These cost saving measures clearly demonstrate the importance and value-added benefit of DSME, stated Dee Kaser, RN, CDE; Great Plains QIN Quality Improvement Advisor.