Arms Holding Text Vaccination

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

August is right around the corner. To help identify resources and to assist with messaging, be sure to access the 2018 National Immunization Awareness Toolkit. The toolkit will help you devise a plan to promote the importance of immunizations with your staff, patients and family members.

The 2018 edition of the toolkit contains key messages, vaccine information, sample news releases and articles, sample social media messages, links to web resources from CDC and other organizations, and logos, web banners, posters and graphics to use with social media. It also includes a media outreach toolkit and a place for you to share your NIAM activities and view what others are doing (#NIAM18). Mix and match, copy or adapt the contents to fit the particular news and issues of your own organization or community. Get started now to demonstrate and emphasize the importance of immunizations for all persons.

We will continue to share and promote resources and learning opportunities throughout the month of August.

Great Plains QIN is actively working with providers, patients, partners and stakeholders to implement best practices to increase immunization rates for influenza, pneumococcal disease and herpes zoster. Together, we play an important role in helping to educate patients about immunization recommendations. Visit our Web site to learn more, get connected by joining the Learning and Action Network and access resources and tools.