Bottle of spilling medicine


As we head into the holiday season, we’re reminiscing on the exciting events of 2017 and anticipating what’s to come in the new year. Throughout this year, we’ve enjoyed engaging with our valued stakeholders. We continue to be inspired by the great work, dedication and commitment for improving antibiotic use and look forward to exploring new ways to work together in 2018.

Be Antibiotics Aware (formerly Get Smart about Antibiotics)  is a national effort to help fight antibiotic resistance and improve antibiotic prescribing and use. Visit the CDC Antibiotic Use Web page to gain access to resources and the 2017 Antibiotic Use Report in the United States, which identifies progress and opportunities.

Exciting and interactive, the new CDC animated video brings Be Antibiotics Aware to life!  Add the video to your organization’s website or share via social media to highlight the importance of smart use and giving patients the best care all year long. To view the Antibiotics Aren’t Always the Answer animated video on YouTube, visit:

We are thankful for the continued efforts to protect patients and preserve the power of antibiotics. We look forward to continued success and progress in the coming year.

The Great Plains QIN team is working within our region to help slow the emergence of resistance bacteria and prevent the spread of resistant infections. Our team offers outreach, education and technical assistance. We are partnering with practitioners, pharmacists, system leadership as well as consumers of care. Antibiotics are a precious resource and preserving their usefulness will require cooperation and engagement by all. Join our Learning and Action Network to access information, education and resources on this important topic.