Nursing Home Quality Measure Composite Score Honor Roll Recipients Announced!

We are pleased to announce the Nursing Home Quality Measure Composite Score Honor Roll.

Great Plains QIN wants to recognize nursing homes that have participated in the Great Plains Quality Care Collaborative efforts to improve care and applaud those who received this honor. The Nursing Home Quality Measure Composite Score is derived of 13 NQF-endorsed Long-Stay Quality Measures to monitor quality improvement from a systems perspective. The goal is for nursing homes to attain a Nursing Home Quality Composite Score of 6.00 or less.  Nursing homes on the Honor Roll have achieved a Nursing Home Quality Measure Composite Score of six or less for at least one month [between April 2015 and January 2019].

The Great Plains Quality Care Collaborative is a part of the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative, which strives to instill sustainable quality and performance improvement practices, eliminate healthcare-acquired conditions and improve resident satisfaction and safety. The National Collaborative focuses on systems that impact quality, which include staffing, operations, communication, leadership, compliance, clinical models, quality of life indicators and specific clinical outcomes, such as mobility, inappropriate anti-psychotic use for persons living with dementia and healthcare associated infections.

Nursing homes participating in the Great Plains Quality Care Collaborative focus on processes that improve their systems and measure individual tests of change. Specifically, they are using their Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) improvement cycle results, clinical outcomes measures, and composite scores to initiate and sustain improvements. The Great Plains Quality Innovation Network has been a long-time supporter and partner of the National Nursing Home Quality Care Collaborative.

The Composite Score is not intended to replace or supersede existing local or federal initiatives, including the 5-star rating system, but is offered as another way to look at quality from a systems perspective.

Congratulations to Honor Roll Recipients in our Region!

Honor Roll recipients are encouraged to utilize the resources on this page to draw attention to this honor. Access the Honor Roll for each of the Great Plains states [Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota] below.

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We’re excited to share with our friends and families that we made the Nursing Home Quality Measure Composite Score Honor Roll!  We achieved a quality measure composite score of six or less for at least one month, which aligns with the top 10 percent of nursing homes in the United States! Learn more: @GPQIN #GPQCC

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We’re on the Nursing Home Quality Measure Composite Score Honor Roll! We are excited about the recognition we have received for our hard work and our commitment to improving the quality of care and quality of life for our elders. Learn more: @GPQIN #GPQCC

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