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In this session, Josh Ohrtman, PharmD, discussed antibiotic stewardship and the CDC’s core elements and explain why appropriate use of antibiotics is important. Ohrtman also outlined barriers to antibiotic stewardship and provide resources and opportunities for reducing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

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Speaker: Josh Ohrtman, PharmD | Medicine Shoppe; Rapid City, SD

Ohrtman is a clinical services pharmacist and pharmacy consultant for The Medicine Shoppe in Rapid City. He serves as Network Director for the South Dakota Community Pharmacy Enhanced Services Network (CPESN SD) and has united community pharmacies across SD to increase quality, offer enhanced services that benefit patients, and improve healthcare in SD. Josh has formed partnerships with South Dakota Department of Health, South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care, and South Dakota State University College of Pharmacy. He is also involved in several projects to reduce cardiovascular disease risk in South Dakota and serves as an antibiotic stewardship lead for the South Dakota Foundation of Medical Care.

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Episode 5, Antibiotic Use – Gain Knowledge and Understanding: What are antibiotics, why is antibiotic awareness important and how can we be good stewards when using antibiotics? Knowing when antibiotics are needed and how antibiotic misuse can affect others is key to having antibiotics work when we need them. Take a few minutes to listen and learn more.