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Great Plains Quality Innovation Network (GPQIN) has a team of highly-committed, quality improvement experts who are ready to meet you where you are at in your quality improvement journey. Committed to the mission of making healthcare in our region the best in the nation, we look forward to partnering with you to make care in your organization and community even better.

We are excited to introduce you, or re-introduce you, to our Great Plains content experts who will be leading the Great Plains Quality Care Coalition efforts over the next five years. We will introduce and share a little more about our team in the weeks ahead.

Stacie Fredenburg

Stacie Fredenburg, BA
Quality Improvement Specialist | South Dakota


A little about my work experience/background…Being accident prone and living on a farm in rural North Dakota gave me first-hand experience in dealing with limited access to healthcare. Trips to the doctor were few and far between. Mom relied on mercurochrome and band aids instead of stitches. These are minor incidents compared to the life-threatening accidents and health issues experienced by others. Other family members experienced major health crisis events included choking, farm accidents, and cardiac events. Every minute mattered, and the 40-mile drive to the nearest hospital was terrifying.

These roots led me to pursue a career promoting healthcare for rural and medically underserved areas in the Dakotas. I spent many years advocating, educating and promoting primary and preventive care and the work of federally qualified health centers as part of the Community HealthCare Association of the Dakotas (CHAD) team. I was exposed to quality improvement and coalition work at the American Cancer Society. As part of my quality improvement work, I led the HPV task force within the South Dakota Cancer Coalition and advanced breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening in primary care facilities of all types.

When I joined the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care three years ago, I was thrilled with the opportunity to combine and extend communications and quality improvement to even more healthcare settings.

With this new QIN-QIO task order, my role is….Great Plains Quality Innovation Network has a vision to make healthcare in our region the best in the nation. We all know this can only be achieved by working together and measuring our progress. Part of my role will be to identify and support healthcare professionals and community leaders with an interest in collaborating around the five priority health aims identified by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

1. Improve Behavioral Health Outcomes, focusing on Decreased Opioid Misuse
2. Increase Patient Safety
3. Increase Chronic Disease Self-Management
4. Increase Quality of Care Transitions
5. Improve Nursing Home Quality

I am most looking forward to…Meeting and learning from the many amazing people who share the desire to make healthcare even better in their rural community.

At the end of the workday, what brings me the most satisfaction is….Healthcare is complex and often difficult to understand. Revealing the personal stories of both the healthcare professionals and the patients brings a fresh perspective to quality improvement work. Combining stories of people with the story of data can create a powerful message that leaves a lasting impression. When inspired and challenged to broaden their perspective, people often discover innovative solutions. Being part of community coalition quality improvement efforts allows me to play a role and share with others the positive outcome of the story.

Also, some other things you might want to know about me….I believe in SMART goals and having a plan to achieve them. I also believe in the need to tweak the plan. Change is always a factor and learning never ends.

My personal life….My family includes a daughter in college and two teenage boys. They are all involved in sports and activities and my husband is a high school football coach.

How to reach me. I look forward to connecting. Please contact me at or 605-371-8939.


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