For this year’s International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW), October 18-24, the goal is to shine a spotlight on the Infection Preventionist’s (IP’s) role in protecting frontline healthcare workers and patients from COVID-19. To honor and thank IPs for their efforts, #WeLoveIPs has been launched!

COVID-19 has highlighted the invaluable work IPs play in safeguarding the health of Americans. From ensuring that healthcare workers wear their PPE correctly to preparing COVID units in hospitals and alternate care sites, IPs have been on the frontlines of the pandemic and deserve our thanks this International Infection Prevention Week.

APIC has heard from IPs that they hope colleagues and patients understand the critically important work they do and has prepared several sample social posts for your social media channels (and/or share with your members for their social media channels). You can find graphic assets attached, as well as a toolkit on the APIC Infection Prevention and You website

In addition to sharing on social media, we also want to highlight other IIPW activities including a special edition of the 5 Second Rule podcast and a Twitter chat (#IIPWChat) on Tuesday, October 20 at 11 pm CT to discuss the IP’s role and how we can all work together to prevent COVID-19 and the seasonal flu.

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