In line with the increased role of pharmacists in providing immunizations, The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) announced that it has revised its Guidelines for Pharmacy-based Immunization Advocacy and Administration. The new guidelines encompass prevention, partnership, quality, documentation and empowerment.

The revised guidelines encourage pharmacists to protect their patients’ health by being vaccine advocates; to collaborate, coordinate and communicate with immunization stakeholders to protect the community from vaccine-preventable diseases and to ensure quality by achieving and maintaining competence to administer immunizations.

Access the updated APhA Immunization Advocacy and Administration Guidelines.

“As a patient, I see my pharmacist more often than I see my doctor. Pharmacists, as both educators and immunizers, can really play a key role in improving immunization rates in the adult populations,” stated Tammy McNeil, Quality Improvement Advisor with the Great Plains QIN.

Great Plains QIN is actively working with providers, patients, partners and stakeholders to implement best practices to increase immunization rates. We have also convened a Learning and Action Network (LAN) to give providers, community organizations and patients the opportunity to share and learn. Ultimately, we intend to improve access to and quality of care through our efforts. Together, we play an important role in helping to educate patients about immunization recommendations.

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