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Staffing Challenges and Solutions: Insights from the Front Lines

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 ♦ 1:00 – 2:00 PM CT

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We encourage you to invite your colleagues, community partners, beneficiaries and their family members, or others interested in nursing home staffing solutions. This presentation will focus on solutions to nursing home staffing challenges during the current public health emergency, including the use of section 1135 waivers, new staff recruitment, and staff retention and engagement plans.


  1. Tips to engage and retain staff, including details about the Crisis Employee Support Program (CRESP), a partnership that Baptist Homes Society is establishing with the Healthcare Council of Western Pennsylvania to support the social determinants of health for staff members who have challenges with food insecurity, finances or housing.
  2. Discussion about section 1135 of the Social Security Act, which temporarily waives or modifies certain Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services requirements and how it relates to certified nursing assistant (CNA) education and training.
  3. Tips to identify and operationalize a basic framework to set a temporary CNA up for success.

Featured Speakers

Denise Wolbert

Denise Russell Wolbert, RN, BSN, PCHA
Director of Quality Performance; Baptist Homes Society




Matthew Murray

Matthew “Matt” Murray, CNHA, CALA
Vice President of Operations; The Orchards




This is a National Learning and Action Network (LAN) Event. A LAN is a group of healthcare professionals and stakeholder organizations, convened by the QIO Program. The goal of the LAN is to improve patient care and population health by sharing best practices through peer-to-peer learning and solution-sharing.

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