The Opioid Epidemic is a health crisis that can only be effectively addressed through action at every level in our nation’s healthcare system. This action can start with you and a few concrete steps. We invite you to join other providers in signing the Medication Management and Opioid (MMO) Initiative Pledge. Signing indicates your commitment to the following:

  • Education
  • Treating people with opioid use disorder with respect
  • Leveraging existing initiatives to combat opioid misuse
  • Identifying and sharing successes

Signing the pledge is voluntary and does not legally bind you or your organization in any way. This is a commitment to be in action on addressing opioid abuse and misuse. We hope you will join a growing community of healthcare professionals in pledging to address the opioid crisis.

Sign the Medication Management Opioid Initiative Pledge today!

The opioid epidemic is affecting our communities and you can take action to end this opioid overdose epidemic around the world. Partnerships within state and local agencies, organizations across the country, healthcare providers and community members must share the messages and resources. We all have a role to play – it starts with addressing prescription opioid misuse, abuse and overdose.

Great Plains Quality Innovation Network has professionals working in our region to assist practitioners, pharmacists and health systems in the implementation of coordinated interventions designed to increase medication safety awareness. Visit our website to learn more.